Samara is a Mother, Grandmother and Birth-keeper, moving through The threshold of her final cycle of womanhood. 

Established Birth and Postnatal Doula. Samsara's soul has always been called to Birthing. From first glorious moment of empowerment at the birth of her first son aged 24, she has been attending births ,and has had wonderful birth doulas attending her own four births.
Samsara has been teaching birth preparation classes and attending births for over 32 years.  Her wealth of experience has led her to the understanding that honouring the mother and baby relationship is what is most needed to support healthy mothers and families.
Samara shares the power of honouring the rites of passage through woman hood. Meeting at one of the first gates menstruation, to a birth of child or the birth of our creations and through to menopause. We discuss blood mysteries how we can reclaim our blood rites, and share ways to honour and celebrate each rite of passage.