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Founded with the intention to support, elevate and inspire hormonal harmony and cyclical living
Rituals that replenish

At MYMOON Power, we’re on a mission to revolutionise your connection with your menstrual cycle and cyclical living.

We champion moments that will soothe and replenish you, so we've created rituals with high performance botanicals designed to bring harmony to your day to day life.

MYMOON Power oils are ethically and consciously created and are vegan & cruelty free. Our packaging is made from mycelium grown in Surrey and the paper is FSC approved.


Chloe's journey with her own hormonal health, cyclical living and experience working with women and womb bearers has informed every step our creation.

Chloe is the author of 'Sacred self-care: everyday rituals for a more joyful and meaningful life' and has worked with women and womb-bearers for almost two decades to restore their connection with their womb space, encourage self-care and teach practices that heal, empower and enhance lives.

"Ritual is a powerful way to connect to your body, your spirit and your emotions"

"Ritual is very much part of my day to day life.

We can create rituals from anything we are doing such as making a cup of tea or having a shower, it's about bringing your presence, focus and attention into the moment.

The daily pulse point ritual gives you an opportunity to do just that. It gives you a permission slip into the moment, come into presence with yourself and check in with yourself, how do you really feel and what do you need right now to support yourself?

The full body massage ritual gives opportunity to be kind to your body, bringing a healthy dose of self-love."

- Chloe