Kalindi Jordan is an inspirational group facilitator and therapist working in the field of intimacy coaching, sexual healing, conscious relationships, yoni healing and sacred sexuality, assisting couples and individuals to bring deep love, respect and transformation into their relationships.
Kalindi has spent 27 years exploring her own and other people’s energy. Her profound understanding of the human energy system, psychology and sexual nature comes from her study and practice in Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, bodywork and being present with life as it unfolds.
In this musing Kalindi speaks about recognising your sexual expression changes at different phases of your cycle and into menopause. She teaches ways to connect to with yourself and explore your changing needs, wants and desires. Noticing the times when you might want to embody softness and gentleness all the way to the moments of your fullest most wild woman expression.
Kalindi shares an ovarian breathing practice that teaches you how to cultivate and harness your sexual energy for your own healing and nourishment.