This April full moon we are musing with Anais Theyskens on the path of the Magdalene, mysteries of the Rose and sacred sites of Avalon.

Anais is a Magdalene priestess and rose medicine teacher, myrrophore, founder of Path of the Magdalene mystery school and author of ‘Laying down the Arms’.

Her teachings draw on gnostic tradition and are deeply connected to the wisdom of the sacred sites of this earth.

Anais's spiritual roots lie in the Celtic tradition, which has held her since she was initiated by a druid in Brittany in her twenties. She has been at the service of the Avalonian mystery school for the past seven years, deepening the Magdalene gnosis in one of the most important earth temples.

In our musing, we explore of the Magdalene Priestess's path and the transformative power of the Rose, a sacred symbol of love and healing. Anais shares the ancient art of working with rose medicine, illuminating pathways to profound healing and spiritual awakening.

Central to the Magdalene tradition is the role of the myrrophore, the sacred anointer who carries the essence of divine fragrance and healing oils. Anais unveils the mysteries of the myrrophore, offering insights into the sacred rituals of anointing and the alchemical power of sacred oils.

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