Birth is not just the beginning of life; it's a sacred passage that imprints upon our very being. Our own birth story shapes how we show up in the world, influencing our deepest patterns and behaviors. In this Musing, we dive into the meaning of an embodied birth, the beauty of surrendering into pleasurable and ecstatic states, and the transformative power of recoding your birth narrative.

Freya is a sacred birth keeper and ecstatic birth priestess.  She specialises in guiding soulful pregnant women to experience pregnancy & birth through pleasure focused embodiment practices. Part of her mission is to support women to experience a pleasurable pregnancy and powerful birth. To connect with their bodies, babies and their inner power to align with birth as a spiritual, embodied and empowering experience.

She is the creator of Embodied Birth Experience : Keys to an Ecstatic Birth. A 3-month immersion to experience birth in a pleasure focused, ecstatic and even orgasmic way. She believes birth is women’s greatest teacher. She experienced an ecstatic water birth in Glastonbury Avalon.

After this incredible birth experience Freya studied for her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on trauma and the body and shamanic aspects of childbirth, as well as researching birth as an altered state of consciousness. She has synthesised her own unique gifts, extensive research, magical life experience as well as many trainings into a modality called Embodied Recoding which is integrated into all of her offerings.

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22nd June ROSE: Womb Heart Alchemy with Freya & Chloe