This March Full Moon we are musing with Diahann Holder, who shares her profound experience of self-discovery, unwavering trust in her body’s wisdom and the empowerment found during the free birth of her second child.

Diahann shares her exploration of her own body sovereignty, shedding layer of societal conditioning and reclaiming her innate right to make choices that resonate with her deepest truths.

Sharing her conception journeys and births of her children, why she chose to free birth and the empowering effect it has had on her life. We explore what body sovereignty means and how to listen and trust your bodies wisdom, she is truly inspirational.  

Diahann is an international Life Design and Leadership mentor, helping new wave Leaders build quantum prosperity and flow in life, business and love. A space holder like none other, regarded for her intuitive capacity to create fields for deep transformation, her in-person and virtual containers offer her clients a space to be truly seen, upheld and self-empowered.

In her private containers she works uniquely with personal design coding to help unleash the purpose, patterns and prosperity keys her clients are here to bring forward in life.

Her work is steeped in 15yrs of western and eastern esoteric training and initiation, she offers is a grounded, no fluff synthesis of practices to awaken the individual on every level.

Most significantly Diahann is the mother of two young children, a wife of 18yrs with co-founder Felix and is a devotee of life.

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