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MYMOON Power Musings

22nd - 25th May

A free 4-day virtual gathering to elevate and inspire your connection with menstrual, lunar and cyclical wisdom

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To celebrate the launch of our MYMOON Power botanical ritual set, we're hosting a series of conversations with muses who empower the lives of women and womb bearers with menstrual and cyclical wisdom, teaching and guidance.

A free 4 day exploration

22nd - 25th May

Explore the wisdom, connection and harmony that comes from the rhythm of cyclical living.

Join us for inspiring, educational and informative conversations and rituals.

Discover the MYMOON Power botanical ritual set, that has been consciously created and attuned to each phase of the menstrual or lunar cycle.

Join us twice a day for live conversations and explorations around connection and ritual.

Discover practices from eight women’s health advocates.

Be introduced to MYMOON Power essential botanicals and how they can support and inspire your day to day self-care.

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Hosted by Chloe Isidora

Founder & creator of MYMOON Power and Author of Sacred Self-care: Everyday rituals for a more joyful and meaningful life.

Our Muses

Melissa Sanger

Grace Hazel

Claire Baker

Natalie K Martin

Charlotte Pulver

Hilary Lewin

Rebekah Shaman

Womb Witch

Pussy Priestess

Menstrual Cycle Coach & Author

Menstrual Cycle & Pleasure Coach

Modern-day alchemist

Director, Educator and Practitioner at the Abdominal Therapy Collective

Cacaoista & Author


Mon 1pm - Chloe Isidora
Mon 7pm - Melissa Sanger

Tues 1pm - Grace Hazel
Tues 7pm - Claire Baker

Wed 1pm - Natalie K Martin
Wed 7pm - Charlotte Pulver

Thur 1pm - Hilary Lewin
Thur 7pm - Rebekah Shaman

Join the MYMOON Power muses as we explore cyclical living: