Happy dark moon, this November we are musing with Emma Cannon on what its is to live a fertile life. Emma’s shares powerful insights on how to manage stress and how to tend gently to yourself. Her top tips for fertility and her excitement for how we can use frequency to improve our health. 

Emma Cannon, a fertility mentor, acupuncturist and bestselling author of five pivotal books on fertility. With a career spanning over 25 years, Emma is the founder of the Emma Cannon Clinic, where modern diagnostics meet traditional holistic therapies.

Known for her expertise in immunology and the role of the immune system in fertility, she has been a beacon for countless individuals and couples navigating the complex path to parenthood.

But Emma's expertise is deeply personal, too. She's faced life's harshest challenges—battling cancer twice and navigating the grief of losing a child during pregnancy. 

Her approach stands apart; it's personalised, compassionate, and deeply rooted in both science and spirituality. She understands that suffering in silence is an all-too-common experience when struggling to conceive. Emma transforms this narrative, offering her clients a safe space to heal, physically and emotionally. Whether you're dealing with challenges in pregnancy, post-partum, or battling chronic conditions, Emma's integrated approach can help.

Emma places a strong emphasis on treating the whole person—acknowledging the profound impact of past trauma. She champions your well-being, empowering you to heal your stories and therefore, heal yourself.