Dark moon blessings, this month we are Musing with Debs Stanley traveling deep into the sacred feminine womb space, we explore quantum womb healing and the nine sacred portals of the womb. Debs shares a guided shamanic journey into the nine portals for your own healing connect and experience.

Debs is a Womb Medicine Woman and Spirit Keeper of the Wild Feminine who has lived off-grid through the seasons where she created a beautiful forest home, wild-birthed her babies & experienced an apprenticeship under the fierce guide of Mother Nature

Having navigated the wild initiation of “moon-a-pause”, with over 20 years experience as a healer and holding sacred space for women, Debs shares the gift of Quantum Womb Healing™ as she guides soul-centred women on the path of Womb Awakening - to heal their lineage, activate their womb-codes, reclaim their womanhood rites of passage and unlock their Sacred Feminine power…so that they can step into leadership and confidently share their gifts with the world, as the creators, birthers, healers and ‘Womb Shamans’ of this Feminine Awakening movement 

Debs founded the international Celtic Feminine Mystery School Womb Awakening 4-Seasons Apprenticeship

She offers Womb Shaman Embodiment retreats (in-person), bespoke 1:1 Quantum Womb Healing™ programmes and holds regular Womb-Activations and Celtic Wheel Ceremonies honouring the archetypal feminine aspects of Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone. 

Connect with Debs: